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GreenLeaf Cut Resistant Gloves


Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut Resistant Gloves

GreenLeaf Cut Resistant Gloves



If you are as clumsy as I am with a sharp knife or afraid of using sharp knives, we have just the solution!

Our cut resistant gloves make any chopping job a breeze, giving you the confidence to chop away without the worry of cutting yourself.

Made from a proprietary blend of cut resistant fibres and polyethylene fibres, these gloves ensure optimal comfort while protecting you from cuts. The polyethylene fibres breathes, ensuring your hands do not sweat. The thin, but strong material ensures a perfectly tight, but comfortable fit.

The glove protects you from cuts made by slicing movements. No more cuts when using the grater, those sharp chef’s knives and can even be used outside the kitchen. Perfect for gardening, picking up broken glass and even car repairs. There are many uses!

The gloves come in pairs of 2 and both are ambidextrous. So keep one for the kitchen, and the other for those odd jobs around the house.

Easy to clean, you can machine wash the glove or wear it while washing your hands. Not recommended for tumble dryers as this may damage the fibres.

Please note that the gloves are cut resistant and not cut proof. They are not designed to protect against stabbing motions or punctures.

Size chart:

Size Palm Width
XS – Kids < 6 cm
S 6-7 cm
M 7-8 cm
L 8-9 cm
XL >9 cm

Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small