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Wusthof Two Stage Knife Sharpener


wusthof knife sharpener

Wusthof Two Stage Knife Sharpener


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Wusthof Two Stage Knife Sharpener

This lovely looking Wusthof two stage knife sharpener can hone and sharpen your knives.  The stages being that you would sharpen first and then hone.

It even looks smart and stylish enough to have out in your kitchen.  This is part of what we love about the Wusthof range.  The products are not just functional but they actually look nice too!

In the end slot (marked “FINE”) you will find two ceramic grinding wheels.  This is where you hone your knife and is probably what you will use the most – after all remember that it is best to hone your knife before and after every use.  This keeps the blade edge aligned and means you do not have to sharpen your knife as much, and that when you do need to sharpen it will be much more effective.

The inner slot (marked “COARSE”) is where you do the knife sharpening.

This 2 stage knife sharpener (looks so good – I know, we said that!) has a solid non slip base which of course is very important to stop it sliding around when you are trying to use it.  The rubber hand grip is comfortable to hold and does not slip around in your hand either.

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