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Wusthof Silverpoint Bread Knife 20cm


Wusthof Silverpoint Bread Knife 20cm


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Wusthof Silverpoint Bread Knife

The long, serrated blade of the Wusthof Silverpoint Bread Knife is perfect for slicing bread without damaging the soft insides. Used by professionals the world over, the Wusthof Silverpoint range has comfortable, ergonomic handles and high quality laser cut blades, making the knives perfect for beginners to the brand. The high quality stainless steel blade is impeccably durable and strong, as well as hygienic and impressively sharp. The 22º angle offers great ease of use. The ergonomic handle has a full bolster to guard your fingers and ensure you cut with the best precision.


  • Hand wash individually with warm water and a soft sponge immediately after use. Do not put in the dishwasher.
  • Knife blocks and magnetic racks both keep knives safe and protect their edges.
  • Never chop onto steel, glass or marble – these surfaces are too hard and will quickly dull your knives. Wooden or plastic boards are more suitable.