Wusthof Cutting Mat Large, Red


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Wusthof Cutting Mat Large, Red

Every kitchen needs a nice chopping board.  Wusthof offers new elegantly-designed and functional chopping boards made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), bringing fresh colour to your kitchen.  The high level of flexibility offered by this special material acts like a buffer, protecting delicate knife blades. The knives therefore stay sharp for longer.


  • The plastic material does not absorb smells or flavours and can be sterilised. Simply pour boiling water over the plastic board and within 30 seconds at up to 150° C it will be sterilised.
  • The chopping boards are dishwasher-safe, antibacterial and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20° to +150° C.
  • Length 380 mm, wide 250 mm, height 4 mm.


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