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Still Pure Lemon Grass Essential Oil


Still Pure Lemon Grass Essential Oil


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Main Qualities:

Analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, antipyretic, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, febrifuge (cools high body temperature), fungicidal, galactagogue (increases secretion of milk), insecticidal, nervine (reduces nervous disorders), sedative (nervous), tonic.

Can Benefit:

Acne, athlete’s foot, excessive perspiration, insect repellent (fleas, lice, ticks), open pores, pediculosis, scabies, tissue toner  ♦ Muscular pain, poor circulation and muscle tone, slack tissue  ♦  colitis, indigestion, gastroenteritis  ♦  fevers, infectious disease  ♦ headaches, nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions.

How to Use:

Bath, compress, insect repellent, massage, room fragrancer, skin-care preparations, steam inhalation, essential oil diffuser


A rather harsh essential oil and could irritate sensitive skins.  Low dosage is best.

Properties of lemon grass essential oil:

The lemon grass plant thrives in tropical and subtropical regions and is a popular flavouring in Asian cooking. It has been used as a culinary ingredient by the Chinese for thousands of years.

Lemon grass essential oil is extracted from the dried leaves of the plant through a steam distillation process.

Lemon grass oil is often used to reduce pain and inflammation. It mainly relieves pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints, which makes it useful for athletes. It can also be used to relieve headaches and toothache.

Being antimicrobial and antibacterial, this oil is perfect for protecting the organ system against infection, or to help fight existing infection. It is also antiseptic, which allows it to treat both internal and external wounds.

For mothers finding difficulty in nursing, lemon grass oil can be a useful galactagogue, increasing milk production.

Lemon grass essential oil helps relieve a variety of nervous disorders, such as shaking hands, Parkinson’s disease and nervousness. It does this by strengthening and stimulating the nervous system.

Apart from the medical benefits this oil offers, it also has a soothing effect on emotions. It acts as a sedative, calming the mind and relieving tension and anxiety. It also acts as an antidepressant, uplifting the spirits.

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