Still Pure Grapefruit Essential Oil


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Main Qualities:

Antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, detoxifying.  Helps to stimulate fluid loss by promoting urination; has stimulant and tonic actions; generally revives and refreshes on an emotional level.  Its high limonene content helps break down small kidney and gall stones.  Relieves migraines, PMT and jet lag.

Can Benefit:

Acne, congested skin, oily skin ♦ anxiety, depression, mental exhaustion, nervous tension, stress-related ailments ♦ build up of toxicity, drug withdrawal ♦ digestive problems, hangovers, liver & gall bladder problems ♦ fluid retention, cellulitis ♦ poor muscle tone, muscle fatigue.

How to Use:

Bath, compress, massage, essential oil diffuser, skin-care preparations.


Skin irritation could occur if exposed to strong sunlight after treatment.

Properties of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Known as Shaddock in some parts of the world, grape fruit is a kind of citrus fruit that is originally from Asia, but is now widely cultivated in the USA, Brazil and Israel.

As with other citrus fruits, its essential oils are extracted through the cold pressing of its peel, and each fruit only yields a small amount of oil.

Grape fruit essential oil provides many positive emotional and spiritual effects. It has been known to increase energy levels and stamina with its uplifting scent while relieving anxiety, bad moods and stress.

Grape fruit oil has physical healing properties as well. It has antioxidant properties which allows it to protect the body from damage done by harmful oxidants and toxins. This essential oil is also an antiseptic, making it perfect for the treatment of open wounds and acne. It is also disinfectant in nature, being antiviral and antimicrobial. While it protects the body from new infections it also helps fight existing ones. This is also one of the best oils to help fight cellulite.

By stimulating the release of hormones and enzymes this essential oil helps keep the entire body’s metabolic system in proper working order. It also promotes frequent urination that ensures that the body is kept free from toxins as well as keeping the urinary tract healthy.

Grape fruit oil promotes the heathy functioning of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the removal of unwanted toxic substances from the body.

Grape fruit essential oil helps promote a clear skin, especially for those suffering from oily skin and acne.

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