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ABS Tri Fidget Spinner, White


ABS Tri Fidget Spinner, White


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ABS Tri Fidget Spinner, White

The Fidget Spinner is the new craze taking the world by storm. These stress relieving gadgets are perfect for people suffering from ADHD, anxiety, stress, boredom, fidgety hands or just looking for something fun to play with. Fidget Spinners are also conveniently sized to fit into your pocket so that you can take your fidget spinner with you wherever you.

This Tri-bar Spinner is made with high-quality ABS material and is weighted with steel bearings. The main centre bearing is made with a Si3N4 Hybrid-Ceramic Bearing in the centre. The Ceramic bearing allows for a smoother spin lasting 2-3 minutes.

The tri-bar fidget spinner adds another level of use to the original dual-bar spinner. The tri-bar device is able to be manipulated in a wide variety of ways which can be even more soothing for the user. A lot of adults with ADHD and anxiety find the tri-bar spinner configuration to be the most pleasing.

How to use:

Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly and keep it spinning indefinitely by using small continuous strokes. Spinners can start and stop spinning only with the help of one finger.


  • Diameter: 7.5cm X 7.5cm
  • Thickness: 0.75cm
  • Material: High Quality ABS Plastic with Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing